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18 Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Before you go and make such a big decision, maybe you should think about the reality of what you're about to get yourself into. This should help.

1. Your refrigerator will go from this... this:

2. Your Netflix Instant queue will go from this... this:

3. Your highly-organized bookshelf will go from this...

4. To this:

5. Enjoy hot, relaxing baths?

Not when your tub looks like this:

6. Cute shoe rack!

He will never use it. Ever.

7. Your dirty laundry basket will stop looking cute:

AND you'll be doing laundry twice as often.

8. Your sock drawer will go from this... this:

9. But mostly, you'll see this:

10. Your matching set of pots and pans will go from this... this:

11. Nice sink?

Not anymore!

12. That pretty toilet you've always wanted?

Immediately desecrated.

13. Organized cereal?


14. Toilet paper turned into a bow?

Yeah, right.

15. How adorable, you put your flip flops on hangers!

Why would you ever do that.

16. Lots and lots of pillows on your bed?

Who needs 'em?

17. And what's the point in a cute trash can...

...if it's always overflowing?

18. Oh, and those ridiculously fancy soaps you buy?

They won't look so nice with pubes all over them.

Then again, what's the alternative?