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18 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Here are this week's noteworthy celebrity tweets!

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1. Hailey Baldwin had a rough Thursday.

I just puked in front of everyone at the grocery store.. so my Thursday is off to a really nice start

2. Cristiano Ronaldo announced the birth of his twins.

So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life πŸ™β€

3. Ryan Seacrest got into the groove.

Nothing gets u in a better mood than hearing a store play an oldie but goodie

4. Leslie Jones put out a call for advice.

How can you mend a broken heart πŸ’”....

5. Kerry Washington visited the set of Insecure.

Thank you to @issarae @msmelina @the_a_prentice and the entire @insecurehbo cast & crew for allowing me to witness……

6. Asahd Khaled offered to produce Justin Bieber's album.

Of course! Hey @justinbieber what's good?!🎬😜🎢

7. Khloe Kardashian discovered a classic hangover remedy.

Thank you for the hangover tips. Good old greasy food it is!! Oldie but a goodie! I'll work it off later

8. Ryan Reynolds spoke this real truth.

I can go from researching a cramp on WebMD to coffin shopping in under 90 seconds.

9. Josh Groban got real about dog ownership.

One thing I've learned from owning terriers my whole life is that commands are suggestions

10. Rihanna tweeted at world leaders for a good cause.

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· bonjour @EmmanuelMacron, will France commit to #FundEducation?

11. Gucci Mane shared an adorable throwback photo.

Even at 5 years old I had the sauce #LilGuwop

12. Kumail Nanjiani said goodbye to his Silicon Valley co-star.

Happy for the end of a great Silicon Valley season but sad to see Erlich Bachman go. Love you @nottjmiller; excited for your next chapter.

13. The Rock called an emoji "non masculine."

@ollyog Haha buddy, juuuuust see the movie first then make the comparison. And for fucks sakes stop using the non masculine πŸ€” emoji

14. Lin-Manuel Miranda saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.

Saw this traumatically great performance last night...what a wonder!

15. Hulk Hogan missed the early days of wrestling.

Watching 80's and 90's wrestling all night, couldn't sleep,content was magical,I forgot how powerful and influential wrestling was then. HH

16. Stephen King found a new TV show.

I am an official fan of CLAWS, on TNT. Those nail salon ladies kick major ass, and some of the nail jobs are insane.

17. Paris Jackson got some closure.

18. And David Hasselhoff admitted he has Bieber Fever.

Thanks @scooterbraun I'm coming to see you @justinbieber tonight !! I'm sure we will all go Hoff!! Thanks David, Allison and nicole!!

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