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    Posted on May 8, 2013

    16 Questions With Darren Criss

    Important answers to important questions — asked by you! — as well as the scoop on the season finale of Glee.

    We asked you to send us questions to ask Darren when he stopped by the office last week, and we took 16 of them — in honor of the 16 cities he'll be stopping at on his upcoming tour. His answers, plus a few spoilers about Glee below!


    Via Twitter: @monicarosewhite

    Darren: Acting, because I'm doing somebody else's thing — so I'm less accountable.


    Via Twitter: @DarrenLaughs

    Darren: Jedi. But that's also a silly question: Would I rather be a lifeless robot run by a foreign plant or a powerful, all-knowing… Don't get me wrong, I love Transformers, but, duh.


    Via Twitter: @NinaTheUnicorn_

    Darren: I hope so! School's out, Glee Season 4 just wrapped last week, so I'm just getting back to reality, but for the next month I'm really going to go into high gear getting people and a set list together. I'm going to ask some people if they're down, if they're available — if they're not also getting their heads out of Glee-land. That would be great, I would love that.


    Via Twitter: @DrAlisonDW

    Darren: Penguins.


    Via Twitter: @ammysin

    Darren: I don't know — maybe I will now? The best way to get me to not do something is to tell me not to do it. If my parents had told me not to be an actor, I'd be a doctor right now.


    Via Twitter: @Gabriella262

    Darren: Muffins.


    Via Twitter: @breetastic907

    Darren: People ask me this a lot and my answer is always, "I don't have a guilty pleasure for music because if it was guilty then I wouldn't listen to it." I own everything that I listen to. I love all things, and I don't think anything is lame. I'll fight for a lot of things — I can fight anybody on any genre — I won't win, but I'll fight.


    Via Twitter: @heyhaleylee

    Darren: Depends what it's matched with. I was living in Italy for a while and there was a pizza and beer place. I love great beer and I love good pizza, and I was in Italy so it felt like a really great idea. It had really fantastic Belgian beer and a really amazing slice of pizza, and I would think, All I want with this pizza right now is a Coca-Cola. That is a timeless match. Coke and pizza. However, Pepsi can go great with Chinese food. I don't know why.


    Via Twitter: @Carleen1991

    Darren: My dad's an awesome chef, so anything my dad makes… Crab cakes. My dad makes awesome crab cakes.


    Via Twitter: @thewishingspell

    Darren: Depends what I'm trying to get out of it. For fun? I think it'd be funny to serenade Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Cause he wouldn't understand me, Western music, nor would he understand English. He'd be trying to help people out, and I'd be like, "Yo, you're cool. You don't understand this, but 2,000 years from now people are going to write all kinds of cheesy songs about you." And he'd be like, "What? I'm trying to help this sick guy, what's wrong with you?" That's funny.


    Via Twitter: @dapperlylauren

    Darren: Bear Claw…which isn't technically a doughnut — but it's a pastry.


    Via Twitter: @struckbyharriet

    Darren: Before a show I tend to shut down. I just don't really talk to anybody. I'm very antisocial. Actually, no: I need to be [like that], but I won't be [antisocial]. I'll talk to everyone on the stage and it freaks me out a bit. I try to minimize the amount of space I get to think about a show.


    Via Twitter: @smilehappily11

    Darren: No, I never have. Why, is that a thing? What's the stigma?


    Via Twitter: @rebeccajillian

    Darren: I'd say Duke Ellington or Cab Callaway as far as a collaborator. If I could have one of those guys arrange a record for me, that's what's up. That'd be really cool. And that's just two of a gajillon people I could think of.


    Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedCeleb

    Darren: Half-Baked by Ben & Jerry's.


    Via Twitter: @tathi_n

    Darren: No, I can't, because I really don't know what's going on. I shot something but I don't remember what it was! I will say that the season does not end with graduation. They end it in the middle of the year, so we'll pick up presumably in Season 5 with the rest of what's going to happen. We end with regionals — there's a spoiler for you.

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