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12 Reasons You Can't Miss The Lance Bass Wedding Special

As explained by Lance Bass and Michael Turchin themselves!

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In case you didn't know — hi, have you been living under a rock? — Lance Bass and Michael Turchin are getting married on television tonight. Why should you care? Well, not only is this a unique opportunity to watch one of our favorite boy-banders tie the knot, it will make E! the first American television network to broadcast a celebrity marriage between two men. To mark the historic occasion, Lance and Michael stopped by BuzzFeed's New York offices to give us the scoop about why we should tune in to see their televised nuptials. As they recalled their wedding and acted out their reasons to watch in GIF form, it was clear to all in attendance that there were never two people more, well, "in sync."

God must have spent a little more time on youuuuu


Turns out wedding planning can turn anyone into a bridezilla or groomzilla.

Take that, traditional wedding tropes!


Why, what did you expect?

The perks of having a double bachelor party are infinite.

Basically: *//\\// SYNC for life.

*Does the Real Housewives intro spin*

Two officiants are better than one — especially when they're television stars!

An age-old tale.

Not only did Lance and Michael's pups make their way down the aisle, but Lisa Vanderpump's celebridog Giggy was there, too!

Sorry, Michael. Some occasions call for fancy clothes!

Well, can they???

Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding airs TONIGHT at 8 p.m. on E!