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    11 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

    Jordin Sparks tweeted about her breakup with Jason Derulo and more!

    1. Jordin Sparks commented on her new single life.

    2. Cher ranted about congress.

    3. Usher discovered a meme about himself...

    4. Mindy Kaling found a new obsession.

    5. Donald Trump humble-bragged about his friendship with Derek Jeter.

    6. Gabby Sidibe showed off her hair rollers.

    7. Piers Morgan was sick.

    8. Stephanie Pratt talked about chores.

    9. Alexa Chung gave us an update about a childhood pastime.

    10. Taye Diggs wasn't completely sold on the whole "green juice" idea.

    11. And Darren Criss made us all get the Moulin Rouge soundtrack stuck in our heads.

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