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100 Forgotten Heartthrobs Of The '80s And '90s

How many of these dreamboats do you remember?

1. Andrew Keegan


2. Andrew Shue


3. Austin O'Brien

"The Babysttters Club"

4. Austin Peck

"As The World Turns"


"Power Rangers"

6. Billy Warlock

"Baywatch" (and later, "General Hospital")

7. Blake Heron

"Reality Check," "Shiloh," "Tom and Huck"

8. Bobby Catalano

"Zero Cool"

9. Bob Moffatt

Of "The Moffatts"

10. Bobby Leslie

"The Guys Next Door"

11. Bobby Ross Avila


12. Boyd Kestner

"Knot's Landing"

13. Brad Renfro

"Tom and Huck"

14. Brandon Call

"Step By Step"

15. Brent Gore

"California Dreams"

16. Brock Pierce

"First Kid"

17. Brian Krause

"Return To The Blue Lagoon"

18. C.B. Barnes

"Starman," "Blossom," "The Brady Bunch Movie"

19. Chris O'Donnell

"Batman Forever", "Fried Green Tomatoes"

20. Chris Wolf

"You're Under Arrest"

21. Chris Young

"Max Headroom", "Falcon Crest"

22. Chris Schlatter

"Kick Buttowski"

23. Chesney Hawkes

"Buddy's Song"

24. Corky Nemec

"Webster", "Cadets"

25. Dalton James

"Crossroads", "Beverly Hills, 90210"

26. Christian Oliver

"The Three Musketeers", "Saved By The Bell: The New Class"

27. Damon Pampolina

"The Mickey Mouse Club"

28. Damon Sharpe

"Guys Next Door"

29. Chase Hampton


30. David Charvet


31. David Faustino

"Married With Children"

32. David Gallagher

"Seventh Heaven"

33. David Lascher

"Hey Dude", "Beverly Hills, 90210"

34. Dean Cain


35. Dee Caspary

"Kids Incorporated", "Newsies"

36. Dieter Brummer

"Home And Away"

37. DJ Bobo


38. Doug Savant

"Melrose Place"

39. Doug Emerson

"Beverly Hills, 90210"

40. Dr. Alban


41. Eddie Furlong

"Terminator 2"

42. Erik Von Detten

"Escape To Witch Mountain", "Days Of Our Lives"

43. Jake Patellis

"The Good Life"

44. Jamie Walters

"The Heights", "Beverly Hills, 90210"

45. Jason Behr

"Dawson's Creek", "Roswell"

46. Jason Frank

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"

47. Harley Cross

"The Believers", "Once Again", "A Hobo's Christmas"

48. Harold Pruett

"Party of Five", "Parker Lewis"

49. Jason Donovan

"Neighbours", singer

50. Jason James Richter

"Free Willy"

51. Jason London

"Dazed and Confused"

52. Jeremy Jackson


53. Jeremy Jordan


54. Jonathan Angel

"Saved By The Bell: The New Class"

55. Jonathan Jackson

"General Hospital"

56. Jonathan Ward

"Charles In Charge", "The Adventures Of Beans And Baxter"

57. Jordan Brower

"The Big Green", "Teen Angel"

58. Marco Sanchez

"Knots Landing"

59. Mark Curry

"Hangin' With Mr. Cooper"

60. Mark Ballou

"Sonic The Hedgehog"

61. Max Casella

"Newsies", "Doogie Howser"

62. Max Elliott Slade

"Three Ninjas"

63. Michael Bays

"Days Of Our Lives"

64. Michael Bendetti

"21 Jump Street", "My Two Dads", "Doogie Howser"

65. Matt Morris

"The Mickey Mouse Club"

66. Michael Manasseri

"Weird Science", "Wings"

67. Mike Vitar

"The Mighty Ducks", "The Sandlot"

68. Mola Adebisi

TV presenter

69. Nate Richert

"Sabrina, The Teenage Witch"

70. Nathan Harvey


71. Patrick Dancy

"Family Matters", "The Guys Next Door"

72. Paul Sutera

"Problem Child 2", "The Brady Bunch Movie"

73. Pete Conicelli

"Dance Party USA"

74. Peter Andre


75. Peter Cunnah

Of the band "Tie The Boy"

76. Randall Batinkoff

"Better Days", "School Ties", "The Stepford Children"

77. Randy Spelling

"Beverly Hills, 90210"

78. Richard Hayes

"Falcon Crest", "On The Yard"

79. Richard Jackson

"Baywatch", "On The Block"

80. Rick Wes


81. Rider Strong

"Boy Meets World"

82. Robert Sutherland Telfer

"Saved by the Bell: The New Class"

83. Rodney Harvey

"Mixed Blood" and "Spike of Bensonhurst"

84. Ronan Keating


85. Sasha Mitchell

"Dallas", "Step By Step", "Kickboxer 4"

86. Scott Grimes

"Together We Stand", "Goode Behavior"

87. Scott Weinger

"Full House", voice of Aladdin

88. Sean Patrick Flannery

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"

89. Shane Conrad

"Mike Hammer, Private Eye", "Glory Days" (and later the BMOC in "The Brady Bunch Movie"

90. Shane McDermott

"Airborne", "All My Children"

91. Steve Burton

"Out Of This World" (and later, "General Hospital")

92. Tevin Campbell


93. Tommy Page

Singer, "I'll Be Your Everything"

94. Tony Lucca

"The Mickey Mouse Club"

95. Trey Parker

"Hull High", "Newsies"

96. Ty Miller

"The Young Riders"

97. Wil Horneff

"Born To Be Wild", "Mickey Mouse Club"

98. Will Friedle

"Boy Meets World"

99. Will Hernandez

"GhostWriter" (and later, "The Real World")

100. Zachery Ty Bryan

"Home Improvement"