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10 Phrases You Can Say Instead Of "YOLO"

You're too old, not hip enough, or you straight-up loathe the phrase "YOLO" — and with good reason. Here are 10 alternatives to the popular saying.

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5. "Seize The Day"


seize the day \seez the dey\

To enjoy the present and not worry about the future; to live for the moment. To make the most of today by achieving fulfillment in a philosophical or spiritual sense. See: Newsies.

10. "You Only Live Once"


you on·ly live once \ˈyü ˈōn-lēˈlivˈwən(t)s\

What YOLO actually stands for. I know the phrase is five whole syllables instead of two, but I strongly recommend saying this instead as to not look and/or sound like a fool.