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    17 Refreshing Cocktails You Can Make With A Bottle Of Wine

    Sometimes a glass of wine just isn't enough. Chill out with these thirst-quenching cocktails!

    1. Dad’s Famous Red Sangria

    Red sangria in stemless wine glasses garnished with oranges.

    2. Lemon Prosecco Float “Sgroppino”

    A glass filled with a fizzy cocktail and scoop of ice cream and lemon.

    3. Mexican 75

    A light green cocktail in stemless champagne glasses garnished with lime.

    4. The Classic New York Whiskey Sour

    A two layered cocktail in a square rocks glass garnished with an orange slice and cherry.

    5. Frozen Peach Sangria

    Frozen peach cocktail in a glass with a hammered copper bottom.

    6. Tropical Guava Sangria Bianca

    An orange colored cocktail in a stemless cocktail glass garnished with flowers and guava.

    7. Spanish Calimocho

    A red cocktail in two rocks glasses garnished with lemon.

    8. Celery Cucumber Gimlet White Sangria

    A light green cocktail in a stemless wineglass garnished with a slice of lime.

    9. Strawberry Watermelon Wine Slushies

    Half of a watermelon filled with a frozen watermelon cocktail.

    10. White Wine Spritzer

    White wine spritzer in a wine glass garnished with lemon peel.

    11. Sparkling Rosè French 75

    Champagne glasses filled with a peach cocktail surrounded by lace and roses.

    12. Rosé Sangria with Vodka

    A pink sangria and strawberries in a with a gold straw.

    13. Strawberry Limoncello Spritz

    Pink cocktail in a glass with ice, lemon, and muddled strawberries.

    14. Wine Slushies

    Red and orange slushies in 3 glasses topped with frozen berries.

    15. Cheerwine Sangria

    Red sangria in a stemless wine glass on a blue napkin.

    16. Strawberry Frosé

    A red frozen cocktail in a glass garnished with strawberries.

    17. Red Wine Tangerine Spritzer

    Overhead shot of a glass filled with orange liquid and a slice of tangerine.