Proof That Millennial Women Love Rose Gold

Its like gold, but pink!

Millennial women have some strange, yet beautiful love for the color rose gold. Whether its in the traditional places where rose gold would show up like jewelry, makeup, or stationary, or in some unusually places, like our medical supplies, we would put it anywhere and pair it with anything.

Need proof? Simply scroll…

1. Exhibit A…

We show our devotion for the color on social media, proudly.

2. Basically, we would buy anything this color

3. Palettes included

4. We love it so much, we have to write about it

In our rose gold journal with our rose gold pen of course

5. We use it to put on our faces

Rose Gold Oval Brush Sets 😍

— MAKEUP ✨ (@BeautyPostss)

6. We would carry it

I've been thinking about this Givenchy rose gold bag nonstop since I saw it today

— Molly Anne (@MissMollyAnne14)

7. In fact, our love for rose gold really only comes second to our obsession with marble

Currently in love with marble and rose gold 💕

— Jessica Patriz ♡❁ (@JessicaTejedor)

8. The existence of these perfect brushes

Perfectly paired with a marble makeup bag.

9. And this phone case…

10. We want to wear it all the time

11. Whether as just a pop…

12. Or as a full outfit

Usually accompanied by a nude

13. We go out in it

14. We go to bed in it

As well as pair it with other rose gold items

15. We want it on our nails

Rose Gold Sparkle.

— Mss Arsiz (@mssarsiz)

16. We tweet about it

currently in love with anything rose gold😍😍😍

— Riani Fitrahlia (@rianirf)

Followed by a lot of emojis with hearts

17. We walk around on it

18. We use it to shield our eyes

Super in love with my rose gold @quayaustralia sunnies & this view. Also - yes I have ecz…

— Katie Snooks (@KateSnooks)

19. Seriously… we use it to shield our eyes

20. We would drink from it

21. We will swim in it

We LOVE this #rosegold bikini from @riverisland

— (@hitchedcouk)

22. We would use it for medical purposes if we could

Just fell in love with this rose gold and white stethoscope!!! Shopping for nursing school is fun!

— Toni Harris (@Its_Toniii)

23. Just in case you missed the whole point of this post…

I LOVE rose gold 😻

— shep (@MirandaShepler)

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