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15 Times Dashikis Were Super Chic (and Not Terrorist Garments)

just to set the record straight...

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Dashikis have been receiving a lot of press lately, and not always good press. This time last year, Elle made the egregious error of calling the dashiki, a traditional piece of African garb, the next "kaftan". Recently, dashiki's have been associated with terrorism and hate. The shooter in the Dallas police attack is frequently shown wearing his dashiki and raising a fist to the air. People who do not know the history of the piece are attempting to ascribe meanings to it; first as a mere trend, now as an item of hate.

Neither of those are true about the dashiki. It's a piece that transcends any time or trend, and its definitely not a piece a symbol of hate, but rather of love, strength, and power for the African Diaspora.

So, here are 15 times where the Dashiki was not a trend, never an item of hate, but stayed like crazy:

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