12 Reasons Curvy Girls Shouldn’t Be Scared to Wear Over the Knee Boots

How plus size ladies can and should wear the knee high and over the knee boot

These boots are meant for slaying

Autumn is in full swing. Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice fills the air and our mugs, leather jackets and sweaters are being taken out of their summer hibernation, and boots are the prime choice of fall footwear.

This year, the boot trend reigning is the leg engulfing thigh high and over the knee versions. Yet so many of us curvy girls are avoiding these pairs, fearing that the pairs either will be completely uncomfortable to wear, that the pairs won’t travel the ample curves of our blessed thighs, or worst of all, that the thigh high and over the knee boot trend is simply a trend curvy girls cannot wear.

I am here to tell you beautiful buxom broads that the three above statements are simply untrue! I have it upon good authority that these boots are not only comfortable, they are a must have for curvy ladies. There are plenty of pairs with enough fabric or give to lovingly hug our legs. And, most importantly, this is a trend that definitely should be embraced by us and looks amazing on us.

Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you by showing you 12 buxom beauties rocking the sky high boot trend. These ladies not only show us that we can wear these boots, they show us what to wear them with to maximize our slay, courtesy of Pinterest.

1. With Skinny Jeans and A Sweater

Why It Works:
This is a great way to start your foray into over the knee boots if you’re a high boot virgin. It’s easy and comfortable. Skinny jeans and a cool sweater tunic are elevated by these high boots. An infinity scarf completes the look.

2. Pretty In Pink

Why It Works:
A thigh grazing long sleeve pink dress’s sweetness is balanced by the badassery of these boots. The look is complete by the skinny belt and clutch.

3. With an Oversize Sweater and Tights

Why It Works:
This is another easy way to start your high boot journey. A cozy sweater dress or tunic is perked up by slouchy suede thigh high boots, making an easy and comfy look.

4. As the Pop of Color in the Outfit

Why It Works:
A look of neutrals is instantly elevated by a pop of red in these high boots.

5. The Pick Up to a Comfy Look

Why It Works:
This awesome leather and plaid coat and these knee high boots really prove even the most mundane look of jeans and a top can be elevated by simple yet chic additions.

6. With Your Favorite Mini

Why It Works:
The skirt and the boots are the perfect length and distance from each other. The leather jacket and casual sweatshirt in an opposing pattern keep the look both cozy and edgy

7. Yes, with Fish Nets and Shorts

Why It Works:
This is a very daring look, but it works. It a very edgy look of the shorts, fishnet tights and suede black boots. This sexy look is instantly made fall appropriate with the very ladylike bag and the coziness poncho.

8. With a Seasonal Shirt Dress

Why It Works:
The plaid shirt dress and suede boots scream fall. The opposing structure of the boot when combined with the looseness of the dress make this a great look if you are first trying the dress boot combo.

9. With a Mini Dress and a Leather Jacket

Why It Works:
This is a great way to be edgy and classy in your over the knee boots. The mini dress is a perfect length to be paired with the over the knee suede boots.

The A-line shape of the dress is super feminine while the jacket and the boots add the perfect amount of toughness.

The variety of textures between the leather, fur, and suede of this look are completely balanced, allowing the dress to be the stand out piece.

10. With a Comfy Sweater and a Beanie

Why It Works:
The cozy textures of the sweater, beanie, and the suede of the boots makes this look super comfy and at the same time put together. The sweater dress is also a great length looseness to keep the look very classy.

11. As a Complement to Animal Print

Why It Works:
It works because while it is knee high boots and snake print mini skirt, the lengths on both keep this look very classy. The skirt and the boot are close enough to be demure enough to be lady like while far enough apart to be edgy.

The color and texture combo of these raspberry suede over the knee boots with the snake printed skirt is also interesting and makes the neutrals of this look pop.

12. With a Fall Ready Romper

Why It Works:
The high boots paired with this great romper with its moody floral print and tights is a great answer to those who are a little apprehensive in wearing a short dress or mini skirt and boots. Its ver ladylike and very fall appropriate.

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