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    Quantum Rush Review

    A review of Quantum Rush, an online racing game. This is a review of the early version of the game, 2014.

    Quantum Rush Review

    Quantum Rush is an action packed futuristic online free-to-play racing MMO, currently in Closed Beta, where you can challenge other players or friends into fast paced mini-tournaments. The game builds up as you play since simplicity is the key factor that makes this game fun and interactive. GameArt Studios developed Quantum Rush following the concept of versatility in competitive racing, transcending the single player experience into an on-line one. Never the less, if you enjoy pod racing, this game will fit like a glove when you set foot on your very first ship ready for racing on one of the vast looking race tracks.

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    Visual specs

    The moment you start the game you get hit by how well done the visual aspect of Quantum Rush has been developed. Graphics and animation are very elaborate and embody the feeling of placing you in the middle of your own personalized pod racing garage where you can interact and play with all the little gizmos left at your disposal.

    From a performance stance, Quantum Rush executes admirable when racing or idling in the main lobby, being backed up by a strong graphic engines with no lag or frame rate loss.

    Another awesome aspect of the game is represented by the beautiful and mundane yet futuristic soundtracks that roll in the background, making you sometimes think that the game music is actually played from another source rather than the game itself.

    Quantum Rush gives you the possibility to either play with a PC dedicated keyboard commands or with the help of a game-pad, giving it that true race style gameplay mode. The user interface is fairly easy to use and has plenty of user-friendly options to get you adjusted to a more comfortable gameplay.

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    Our first stop in Quantum Rush will be in the default garage. Here we have the ability to interact with different aspects of the ship and additional gameplay options.

    Starting a new race for the first time will automatically redirect you to the game's tutorial in order to comprehend the gameplay mechanics. Quantum Rush focuses its control mechanics through a dedicated keyboard layout setup, making it easy to grip your pod's manoeuvres delicately and smooth. If you find the default setup to be a bit too misplaced for your own keyboard or gaming-pad, you have the option to customize it to your heart's desire.

    As you successfully pass the tutorial trials, you can now enter the waiting lobby to partake in one of the 3 modes of gameplay available together with other players or friends. You can also select here your racing pod and its configuration before any race starts, or you can chat with the on-line players in the lobby and match queue.

    The Death Race focuses on winning the race on the first place by all means, including weaponry. The Speed Race forces you to outpace your opponents through skill and cunning manoeuvring. The Practice mode helps you get more acquainted with the game's race tracks and gameplay mechanics.

    When starting the race, you will be placed in one of the standard start-up slots alongside your competitors. Depending on how many people joined up in the lobby, the number of opponents matched in the race will vary from 2 up to 20 individuals. Be prepared to accelerate as fast as you can since you will want to get a lead start before any of the other players. Depending on the type of race track you choose or end up through random selection, you will have to adapt very fast in order to be able to make those sharp turn in tight corners. Also make use of your side air breaks as often as possible to avoid colliding with obstacles and walls.

    Your pod is equipped with a force field, but when you deplete it by taking damage, your ship will get on fire and eventually explode, so keep an eye on your shields at all times if you know you have other players trying to shoot you down from behind.

    Of course you can also return the favor by using your own weapons on their pods to eliminate them in case you fall behind. Make use of every buff or secondary pickup weapons you find along the track since it will greatly improve your chances to take the lead. Buffs usually consist of temporary speed boost ramps, boost recharger pads, shield regeneration, rig regeneration and gravity switches. You also have a pod boost that you can use to gain speed, but keep in mind that it will drain quickly and you can only recharge it on an available boost recharge pad placed on the race track.

    Using your weapons or speed boost will generate a lot of heat to your racing pad. Overheating the pod's system will inevitably lead to your destructions, neglecting your shield stats. Always try to find a balance between speed, breaking, offensive and defensive tactical advantages. Don't worry if you get destroyed as you will pop up back to your last known location, after a brief period of repairs, so you can be able to continue and even win the race.

    If you see that your primary weapons can't do the job in eliminating your competition then you can used up to 3 picked up secondary weapons to search and destroy them. Pickups consist in heat seeking missiles, temporary lethal mines, system blinding, exhaust fumes, pulse projectiles, etc. Pickups also generate heat, but and you can easily browse through your selections to deploy them in respect to the current situation you find yourself in.

    Upon winning a race you will be awarded with credits and research points. If you managed to get destroyed while racing, a part of the reward is subtracted for the pod's repairs before you were redeployed back in the game.

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    Back to the garage

    The research department lets you mingle and develop specific ship parts to acquire a new racing pod. For this you will be require to use an amount of research point that you can collect through racing.

    You have 3 available classes each containing 7 tire ships you can build from scratch. The Nitroid class focuses more on speed and less on shields, while Ion Energy class goes for toughness and better shields but less speed, and finally the Nanofabric class that is a hybrid of the other two classes, generating a balance between speed and pod durability.

    Depending on what ship you try to build, the number of parts will increase with its tire. By default, when you start the game for the first time you get 3 low tire pods corresponding to each class. These pods have only the primary components available, so in order to make them better you will have to spend some research points to get the most out of them in racing.

    You also have the possibility here to view your personal stats or the community's ranking ladder if you intend to climb to the top among the best.

    One other available option is to customize your ships looks and configuration. Most of these options require your credits or quoins. Quoins are the currency that you can buy with real cash and use in micro-transactions in the game's shop.


    Quantum Rush is a great futuristic racing MMO that will keep you addicted to you keyboard while winning fast paced races. Considering that this is still a Closed Beta stage, the game will include more content and modes in the near future. Visually the game is outstanding, having high performance rates, no frame losses and exquisite futuristic and relaxing soundtracks. The gameplay is keyboard or game-pad dedicated making it easy to master the game's control mechanics. With plenty of action, weapons, obstacles and buffs it will be a delight to race against other people while eliminating their pods in order to take the lead. So if you have racing in your blood and can't wait to accelerate till exhaustion, then give Quantum Rush a try and keep in mind that they are working on a single-player PC version as well.

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