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Real Celebrity Names

Your favorite celebrity might not have been born with the name you think. Check out my list of most surprising names changes. If you want to make it in show business better change your name and make sure its cool!

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  • 1. Hugh Laurie

    James Hugh Calum Laurie

  • 2. Larry King

    Lawrence Harvey Zeiger

  • 3. Carrot Top

    Scott Thompson

  • 4. Kim Cattrall

    Clare Woodgate

  • 5. Ke$ha

    Kesha Rose Sebert

  • 6. Vin Diesel

    Mark Vincent

  • 7. Meat Loaf

    Marvin Lee Aday

  • 8. Will Ferrell

    John William Ferrell

  • 9. Tina Fey

    Elizabeth Stamatina Fey

  • 10. Jamie Foxx

    Eric Bishop

  • 11. Chuck Norris

    Carlos Ray

  • 12. Katy Perry

    Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

  • 13. Charlie Sheen

    Carlos Irwin Estevez

  • 14. Puffy Daddy, P-Diddy, Diddy, Sean Combs

    Is now changing his name to SWAG!!!!