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24 Things That Randomly Happen When You Become Polyamorous

The loving multiple people struggle is real.

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You've added this book to your reading list. And it's covered in highlighter marks, sticky notes, and conversation points for you and your partner(s).

(Also: Ethical Slut and Sex at Dawn) And you recommend it to all of your friends whether or not they are in an open relationship or not.

You get freakishly good at juggling you're newly complex life via Google Calendar.


Seriously, I'm pretty sure most of our relationships would crumble without this tool — and I'm instantly suspicious of someone in this community who doesn't use it.


You find yourself saying, "No, Jealousy is a part of the relationship and we work through it."


Of course jealousy is part of it, we're human after all. But you get to learn how to navigate those feelings, where they come from and you learn to talk with your partners about it.


You learn a lot about people.

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For the best and worst, because the more people you add, the more complicated it gets. The more you learn about yourself (and your limits of how many complications you can handle).


And it might make you angry, but you've decided what makes you happy and you're working on it.


So, for all intents and purposes, making your life the way you want it to be and helping those around you live the way they want to live makes you a badass.

You will likely find yourself navigating waters a previous you never thought you'd navigate.

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Exciting, confusing, hard, wonderful, occasionally awesome, occasionally sexy, occasionally frustrating, but all worthwhile waters.

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