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12 Lessons From Mom We Learned To Love

Mom was always full of sound advice — we just didn't want to listen. But then we grew up and realized she was right all along. Here are some classic mom-isms we learned to love, brought to you by Whirlpool®.

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1. "Save your pocket money."

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There was nothing more tedious than having to actually save our pocket money. But we would soon grow up to realize that there is actually nothing worse than living on the condiments and old eggs in the fridge for three days before payday. Well played, moms.

2. "Chew your food properly."

Inhaling food was just more practical — the sooner we finished eating, the sooner we could get back to that important game. Of course now we know that proper mastication is one of the basic tenets of restaurant etiquette.

3. "Be nice to the neighbors."

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The neighbors were weird! Why did we have to make an effort with them? But it turns out Mom was right. It pays to be nice, because you never know when you might need some sugar or a spare battery for the remote control.

4. "Don't jump on the bed."

Probably the most exhilarating childhood activity ever, and also the most illegal. Which immediately made sense when we grew up and had to spend our own money on a new bed. Beds are VERY expensive business.

6. "Wear clean underwear, in case you get into an accident."

Seb Oliver / Getty Images

OK, sure, you might get into an accident. But there are other important reasons for wearing clean underwear, which we don't need to get into here.

8. "Eat your vegetables."

We were masters of hiding peas in our napkins, but then we grew up and realized that the only way to maintain that radiant skin and strong constitution was to actually eat our vegetables. Plus, they kinda taste good!

9. "Don't stand so long in front of the refrigerator."


Boredom as a child meant only one thing: standing in front of the fridge browsing for something to eat. Unfortunately, we soon learned that the higher electricity bills really aren't worth it.

11. "Spend time with your grandparents."

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We never wanted to go visit them, even though once we got there we always had a good time. But it wasn't until we grew up that we realized our grandparents were a magical source of infinite wisdom, and they weren't going to be around forever.

12. "Pay attention when I'm talking to you."

Jeremy Woodhouse / Photonica Collection / Getty Images

OK, Mom. So it turns out everything you said was right. Thanks for making us the better humans we are today.