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The 60 Year Old Lecher

Parody poster of a possible movie scenario set in Letterman's offices

jriley 10 years ago

20 Tatoos for Dumb Men

Guys like this makes a feel a little bit better about some of the dumb decisions we've made in your life.

jriley 10 years ago

PSA: It's Gay to Smoke

New Onion video that shows what really happens when you smoke

jriley 10 years ago

20 Best Bars to Throw Up in

These grimy, nasty joints will only make your story better when you vomit all over the bartender's shirt

jriley 10 years ago

Muammar Al-Gaddafi's Daily Planner Found

Found in the men's bathroom of the U.N. building, this planner reveals some interesting notes on this week's most popular politician.

jriley 10 years ago