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    20 Dorm Room Decor DIYs

    You turned your tassel from the right to the left and officially escaped high school alive. Congratulations! When you get to college you've got a whole new room to decorate! Start crafting and collecting pieces to turn your dorm into the most trafficked room on campus.

    Geometry Test

    Take A Seat

    Insta O' Clock

    Yarn Balls

    Paint Stick Portrait

    Pop A Squat

    Struck A Cord

    Basket Braid

    Dorm Room Bloom

    Standard Notation

    Terriari-Um, Duh.

    Fabric Wallpaper

    Cross Stitch Mural

    Precious Cargo

    First Place Ribbon Goes To...

    Trash Chic

    Succulent Succulents

    Paper Mobile

    All Of The Lights

    Rope Rug