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Blake Or Graydon

blake or grandson

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  1. Thor: The Dark World
    Captain America: Winter Soldier
    Thor: Ragnarok
    Iron Man (2008)
    Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2
    Spiderman: Homecoming
  2. Cava order?

    chicken, spicy lamb, Tzatziki, humus,
    I don't like cava
    chicken ,spicy lamb, harissa , red humus,
  3. extroverted
    somewhere in-between
  4. flying?


    Tesla Model S
    Tesla model X
    1998 Cadillac DeVaul
    1971 VW Kombi
  5. I enjoy them
    I am always playing them when at home
    Casual Gamer
    I hate video games, they are so dumb!
  6. Extremely large, I want everyone to like me and be my friend.
    I do not care, I just enjoy hanging out with people
    Small and close knit
    I like to have a large group of friends but only one best friend
  7. no
    I really should, but do not
    Kinda but not really
    Yes, so many night have been spent stressing
  8. R&B
    Anything that is enjoyable
    weird music
    classic rock
    Pop music (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran)
    none of the above
  9. Fantasy
    Super-Hero movies
  10. 5+
    not currently known unto man
    none or 1
  11. jokester/ prank lorde
    planner/ orgnizer
    crazy one
    emotional one
    fills any role in any group
    chill one
    kind one

Blake Or Graydon

You got: Blake Johnson

Looks like you got Blake, you are a strange one alright. You have great, insatiable personality, but many people fear you because of this. You have touched many male butts. You love funky music and your desire for multiple wives is as big as your ego. Has named all of his horses in Legend of Zelda BOTW after Aiden Paul Liu. and you are Mormon.

Blake Johnson
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You got: Graydon Al-Khafaji

You got graydon! I bet you are happy, because you are a fine looking young Arab male. as a child you had many deformities. you love food, the Nintendo switch, and japan. one time he went to japan he had good soba. The soba was from one of the best soba places in Tokyo, it was delicately balanced with the perfect broth and the noodle were a perfect consistency, not to chewy and not to hard. You made sure to slurp really loud to give your courtesy to the chef. anime?

Graydon Al-Khafaji
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You got: Aiden Paul Liu

<3 hentai

Aiden Paul Liu
the outer limits of human knowledge
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You got: You are a disappointment

You are not worthy to be any of us. Are we really friends?

You are a disappointment
ur mom
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