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How Well Do You Know Christians & Christianity

There are lots of misconceptions about Christians and Christianity today. Hopefully, this will clear some things up.

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1. Christians are not superior to everyone else.

In fact, Christians freely admit they struggle with all kinds of sins everyday. They actually may feel guilty for things that non-Christians do not have a problem doing or saying.


2. Christians are not all right-wing conservatives. (Not that that is a bad thing in it of itself)

In fact, you can find Christians everywhere on the spectrum of politics. Christians are on all sides of the issues.

3. Christians do not do 'good deeds' to earn their place in heaven.

In fact, Christians do good works out of gratitude for what God does for them, NOT from fear, but out of love.


4. Christianity is NOT at war with art & science.

In fact, many of the great artisans & scientists through the ages have been Christians who are committed to discovery.

5. Christians don't all act like Jesus Christ or follow what the Bible says.

In fact, many people claim to be part of a group but in name only. You can find hypocrisy everywhere, including Christianity. You can also find teenagers in Hot Topic who wear the Misfits skull, but have never once heard their music.

6. Being a good Christian does not mean you will get to be rich and healthy.

In fact, the Bible teaches Christians will suffer in this life.


7. Christians can listen to non-Christian music, watch, movies, and have non-Christian friends.

In fact, Christians are called to not be monks but to go and show love to their neighbors (i.e. everyone).

8. Some Christians tell people they are ‘Going to HELL!’ while others never mention hell at all.

In fact, Christianity teaches that Hell is separation from God (i.e. punishment) Christians do not know the future or what God will do for anyone. However, Christians know what God CAN do everyone – which is to restore the relationship to be with him (Heaven) or be away from him (Hell).

9. Christianity is not a dead religion.

In fact, while in America and parts of Europe, the Christian culture is changing shape, places like China, India and the rest of Asia are seeing a boom – more than ever before in history.

10. Some Christians talk about peace and love, but others talk about judgment and death! Which is it?

In fact, it is both! God loves people, but not their disobedience (sin). For our sin He punished a representative for mankind – Jesus. This is an act of love that brings peace between us and God.

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