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10 Swaps To Make Your Favorite Foods More Wholesome

It's almost too easy. And with #PoppedWheatThins, it's easy to get a wholesome snack with a satisfying crunch!

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7. Trade in bread crumbs for oatmeal to get more fiber in your meatloaf — so really, you're trading up!

There's nothing as comforting or traditional as a good meatloaf — now just add in the healthy goodness of oats.

Tip: Also works with meatballs!

9. Spaghetti night can still be enjoyable — use zucchini noodles with meat sauce instead!

An awesome twist on a fruit (yes, it's a fruit), you can finally have that second serving of spaghetti that's just as satisfying as the traditional way!

WHEAT THINS Popped serving size is 26 crackers for 130 calories and 10-11g of whole grain.