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The Last Article You Need To Read On The Right To Recline Debate

It all started with on Aug. 24 with a 3 hour and 50 minute Untied Airlines flight from Newark to Denver. The incident, which started with an argument between two passengers arguing over the reclining of a seat and ended in a diverted flight to Chicago O’Hare airport, sparked the media to ask, “Do airline passengers have the right to recline their seats?” Meanwhile, the rest of the sane world was asking, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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So ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the world's first Guideline to Flight Reclination.

If your flight time is 3 hours or less....

Absolutely forget it.

4-5 hours?

Discuss it with the guy/gal behind you and even then don’t go past the halfway reclined position.

6-7 hours?

Sure, but don’t spend the whole flight kicked back so everyone can get comfortable.

8+ hours?

The world is your oyster. Well, the flight is anyway. Recline and get comfy. Just remember: Recline unto others as you would have then recline unto you.

Hopefully now we can all fly in peace...

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