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15 Reactions We All Have Listening To The "Hamilton" Soundtrack

We know it turned your world upside down.

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1. When we hear the first few bars of "Alexander Hamilton"

2. When we're introduced to Aaron Burr

3. When A-Ham tells us he's not throwing away his shot

4. When the Schuyler Sisters make their first appearance

ANGELICA! ELIZA! ....and Peggy

5. When you remember King George is the bad guy...even though he's hilarious

6. When Eliza's description of Alexander gives you a small crush

7. When you realize Angelica blew it with A-Ham

8. When "Wait for It" plays

9. When Lafayette is on stage

10. When the Cabinets Battles go down

11. When A-Ham doesn't know how to say no

12. When Eliza tears your heart out in "Burn"

13. When you realize Philip Hamilton really was a fox

14. When A-Ham and Burr prepare for their duel

15. When you realize how much Hamilton actually did for the country

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