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What You Missed On Twitter

The top hashtags trending on Twitter over the last week

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1. #BabyTV

Comedy Central / @Midnight / Via Twitter

During their Tuesday night #HashtagWars segment, the popular Comedy Central late night game show @Midnight birthed #BabyTV, asking guest panelists and the viewers at home to make their favorite television shows fun for the whole family.

"Keeping Up With the Caesarian Scars?" Points.

2. #FaceOff

@FaceOffSyFy / Via Twitter

Movie makeup and effects competition, FaceOff, returned to SyFy on Tuesday night for its All Star reunion season in which previous winners go head to head in a series of camera-ready monster makeup challenges.

This week's dystopian warrior theme was inspired by the wastelands of Mad Max Fury Road and found artists Cig Neutron and George Troester victorious.

3. #humantogether

ACLU / Via

Starting in March, socially-conscious, honest-cost clothing retailer, Everlane, has vowed to donate $5 of every sale from their popular "100% Human" collection to the American Civil Liberties Union.

What began as a social media campaign has since become a hashtag raising awareness for the ACLU.

4. #RejectedLegoMinifigures

Via Twitter

Inspired by the release of Hidden Figures, science writer Maia Weinstock wrote the Lego company in hopes of immortalizing historic female players in the United Space exploration program.

On February 28th, Lego announced the upcoming Women of NASA set, beating out eleven other finalists in the Lego Ideas contest. After the unveiling, Twitter users pondered what the rejected proposals might've looked liked.

5. #7NamesFor7NewPlanets

Via Twitter

Earlier this week, NASA rocked the scientific community when presented the latest findings from the Spitzer space telescope: seven Earth-sized planets clustered in the Trappist-1 star system that could potentially support carbon-based life.

In a PR attempt they'd soon come to regret, they asked Twitter to christen the new planets.

(You'd think last year's RRS Sir David Attenborough incident that left the $287 million research vessel named "Boaty McBoatface" would've been a lesson to us all)

6. #SOTU

Via Twitter

Controversy arose Tuesday night after supporters of Donald Trump took to Twitter to accuse the media, Democratic representatives, and liberal voters of obstructing any of the president's proposed policy by neglecting to refer to his televised address as a State of the Union.

However, the speech delivered to Congress was not in fact a State of the Union, but a "joint session address." While the two types of parleys are nearly identical in nature, a SOTU is typically delivered after a year of active governing and reflects back on the hits and misses of the last twelve months and addresses any concerns moving forward into the sitting president's term. A joint session is held one to two months after the Inauguration and sees the president meeting with Congress during its "budget season" to direct future initiatives, mainly pertaining to spending plans.

7. #GreenLight

Entertainment Weekly / Via Twitter

Rounding off the week, Lorde gave us new tunes to kick off the weekend. The singer premiered her new single Thursday afternoon on Instagram along with the announcement of her forthcoming album, "Melodrama."

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