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The 18 Gold-Star Gays Of New York Pride

Condragulations! You get a gold star.

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Also... instant earring or Christmas ornament!

After getting off the train from Jersey, I ducked into a nearby restroom and ran into this outfit.

Soon, it was time to line up for the Pride March, which means glitter... lots and LOTS of glitter.


4. Edie Windsor is our new Queen Mother and this year's grand marshall. Oh you definitely get a gold star, Edie. Always and forever.

"Let the marching commence!"


13. This Stonewall veteran helped to make this Pride March (and all LGBT history, for the matter) possible. Without you, we would not have a voice. You, sir, are the definitive gold star. Stonewall 1969, never forget.


At the end of the march, it was time for beer.

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