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    These Are 12 Artists You NEED To Check Out Immediately

    We've got the music to help you survive the last bit of winter.

    1. The Ting Tings

    British based duo, The Ting Tings, found success with their hit That's Not My Name in 2008. Since then, members Katie White and Jules DeMartino have been working hard and recently released their new album Super Critical.

    2. Northern Faces

    Northern Faces was founded after "a few too many drinks and an exchange of words that should never have happened, but thank god it did," is currently on the road touring promoting the release of their first full length record.

    3. Purple

    Jenn Five

    What does Beaumont, Texas have to offer? Well for starters it is the hometown of this three piece punk, rock band. With their album (409) they'd like to invite everyone to experience the party that is their music.

    4. Sarah Jaffe

    Singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe's current album Don't Disconnet it is about getting to know yourself in the crazy world. The album is perfect example as she has done just that over the past six years. Transitioning from folk, pop to her now blues, pop style she is ready to bring light to how difficult it is to stay connected to yourself.

    5. Wind in Sails

    Evan Pharmakis is the sole member of this acoustic rock project. He strives for his music to be meaningful and have a positive message. This goal is present in his most recent EP Darker Nights, the follow up to the debut album Brighter Days.

    6. Keb' Mo'

    Twelve albums in and Keb' Mo' is still going strong. Blues Americana marks the 20th Anniversary of the three time Grammy winner's debut. Keb' Mo' is aiming to express love and understanding on this album through his storytelling abilities.

    7. Love & Theft

    Drawing influence from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, this country rock duo is finding success at the capitol of country music, Nashville, TN. Their first big hit was Angel Eyes in 2011, even reaching Number 1 on Country Hot 100. Today they have a new single out, Whiskey on my Breath.

    8. Fashawn

    Starting his career in 2009 off with a bang, Fashawn's debut album Boy Meets World reached high success and landed him a spot on the cover of XXL Magazine. Following this success, he has been able to tour with Wiz Kalifa and work with producers Dr. Dre and DJ Kahlil and Alchemist. Next up for him is the release of his newest album The Ecology.

    9. Shaggy

    Shaggy is back with a undeniable track "I Need Your Love" that transports us to sunshine

    10. Cancer Bats

    This four piece band was created with the desire to play louder music and rage harder than any other band. Southern metal meets punk rock in this mission to be a hardcore band. They are eager to share this burning passion to rage with all that they can. The next step to doing so is through their album Searching for Zero.

    11. Like a Storm

    Traveling all the way from New Zealand to the U.S., Like a Storm wanted to created a wider fan base for their hardcore, voodoo metal band. The band found success playing with Creed on tour. In their spare time they would retreat to quiet space to work on new music. They expend as much effort as they can into their music because they want it to inspire and empower others.

    12. Motor Sister

    Former Anthrax guitarist was turning 50 and all he wanted was to experience the reunion of Mother Superior. With the help of his wife they made this happen in the form of Motor Sister. Motor Sister is composed of Scott Ian (former Anthrax guitarist), Pearl Aday (Ian's wife), Jim Wilson (Mother Superior's frontman), Joey Vera and John Tempesta.

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