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23 Things That Made Your 90s Childhood Awesome

Camp Anawanna, we still hold you in our hearts.

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20. Sky Dancers/Dragon Flyz

Spoilers: these eventually got recalled because of the inevitable desire to point them at your friends and pull really hard. Also if you leaned in too far those wings would clip you in the face and it hurt like hell.

21. Princess of the Flowers

Each toy came with a little comb/key that could be used to open the flower and reveal the princess doll inside. And inevitably that stupid little comb got lost and we started using flatware.

23. Kitty/Puppy/Pony Surprise

Each mommy pet came with a belly full of baby pets stuffed inside, so after opening the package you were supposed to rip open mommy pet's tummy and stuff your hand inside to check out the babies. Terrifying or adorable? You decide!

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