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12 Reasons Cersei Lannister Is Not A Badass

Seriously please stop calling her that. Unless we've started defining "badass" as "paranoid alcoholic with delusions of grandeur," that is.

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1. She's banging her brother / Via

You guys, do we actually need to talk about why that's bad? Please don't make me have that talk with you. It's not love, it's just creepy.

2. She also banged her cousin

There's literally a whole kingdom of people who aren't related to her that she could bang, but apparently she just sticks to the close relatives.

3. She might be the worst mom ever

Her child turned out to be... well... Joffrey. Granted, some of that crazy probably comes from being the product of incest, but maybe a, "Hey, Joff, it's wrong to shoot hookers with crossbows for fun," every now and then would do him some good?

4. She used her kid as a human shield

Worst. Parent. Ever. Seriously.

5. She's the reason Bran is crippled

You know, Cers, at any point you could have said, "Hey, maybe don't push the small child out of the window in the very high tower."

6. She treats her handicapped brother like crap

Poor Tyrion. Like his life isn't already hard enough?

7. She's an alcoholic

The embarrassing, awful, get thee to rehab kind of alcoholic.

8. She's insanely paranoid

You'd think that someone so obsessed with out-scheming everyone else could come up with at least one plan that didn't blow up in her face.

9. She's literally the worst role model

Cersei, sweetie, you should be the first person to acknowledge that using your ladybits as a bargaining chip never ends well.

10. She's downright hostile to everyone else

That doesn't make her a hero. It makes her a bad person. Margaery is just as ambitious, but she gets what she wants by, get this, not treating everyone like crap.

11. She's a bully

Pushes around anyone that makes her feel bad about herself, beats up on everyone weaker than she is, but secretly full of self-loathing and generally just miserable? Yup. Cersei Lannister is a bully. You know what's not badass? Bullies.

12. Now let's acknowledge the REAL badass

Lady Olenna Tyrell, Queen of Thorns and straight up boss.

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