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    Someone Is Photographing A Miniature TARDIS Around The World And It's Amazing

    Tiny TARDIS on a journey through time, space, and Instagram.

    Instagram user, Olivia Paty, has been photographing a miniature TARDIS in various locations around the world.

    Tiny TARDIS has a vacay in Florida.

    Tiny TARDIS sizes up the other kind of phone box.

    Tiny TARDIS goes for a dip.

    Tiny TARDIS gazes pensively into the distance.

    Tiny TARDIS learns about the joys of consumerism.

    Tiny TARDIS takes a break for once in her damn life and travels via airplane.

    Tiny TARDIS goes to Hogwarts and is frankly unimpressed.

    Tiny TARDIS gets some culture.

    Tiny TARDIS revisits the rift in time.

    Tiny TARDIS prefers her wares to be designer, thanks very much.

    Tiny TARDIS has a well-deserved drink.

    Tiny TARDIS visits Not Downton Abbey.

    And TARDIS Jr. visits TARDIS Sr.