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10 Ways To Let Everyone Know The Subway Is Merely An Extension Of Your Bathroom

Your personal space is every space. All of them. Every single one.

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Everyone knows a subway car is just a place for you to extend your personal boundaries beyond what is socially acceptable.

7. File and clip your nails.

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If you feel like you're not pissing off an adequate amount of fellow passengers by this act alone, try yelling, "Ew! What is that?" as you clip your toenails.

8. Pluck stray hairs.

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Once you've clipped your nails, where can you possibly go? A challenge for our more advanced commuters is to whip out a pair of tweezers, pluck a few stray hairs, and revel in the horrified faces of everyone around you. Because you earned it.

10. Pop a zit.

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You'll know you've truly pushed the boundaries of appropriate transit behavior once you've popped a zit in a carriage full of unsuspecting victims. Good work, you!

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