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8 Questionable Moments From Sleepover We Need To Revisit

It's time to put on your frozen bras and monogram thongs!

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1. Why would Julie want an asshole at her sleepover?

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We’ll start at the beginning. Why in the hell did Julie want to invite Staci to her sleepover? Julie said it herself that the last time she and Staci were friends was elementary school before she got popular. A lot can happen in the three years it takes to finish middle school (especially boobs and boys), and it’s obvious your former friend has become an asshole. The heartless display of cruelty towards Yancy with the diet pill comment is proof that Staci has joined the dark side with Liz. So Julie, why are you so bummed that an asshole like Staci can’t come to your party?

2. How safe is


The next issue we come to is the conundrum that is Everyone knows production slapped the “police approved” sticker on this primordial form of Tinder or Grindr to calm the hearts of parents everywhere. However, not even a minute later, these girls show all the very impressionable minds out there how easy it is to create a fake dating profile and catfish the shit out of your teacher. Also, can we add how shady it is that this dating profile has no pictures available?

3. What's with all the illegal driving?


The writers were able to make it plausible that Liz was able to drive her Beamer with the “Oh she was held back a year, and has a permit” excuse (and by the way, what kind of parent gives their underage kid a BMW to cruise around town on a Friday night?). However, they tried to extend that to Yancy and her little green car. FYI Yancy, I’m pretty sure your dad won’t think taking a lunch spot from the resident mean girls counts as an emergency to risk possible arrest. I get that the cars make the girls more mobile, but what happened to the days when we would ride our bikes places and not drive illegally?

4. Whose idea was it to leave Yancy alone in the alley?


Okay. We’ve managed to scale the roof, sneak out without dad noticing, smash in a green tin can together, and get in to a club obviously looking below the age of eighteen. Things seem to be going pretty well. That is until we cut to the scene where Yancy is alone in the alley. WHO THE HELL LEFT HER ALONE IN A DARK SECULDED ALLEY TO POSSIBLY GET KIDNAPPED?! These girls must have missed the “stay together” lesson during the “Drinking, Drugs, and Going Out” unit in heath class. Sure, Yancy meets a guy who would rather eat brownies than celery, but that could have taken a dark turn really fast.

5. Couldn't Staci & Liz go back on their deal?


Let’s just imagine this movie in the real world for a moment in time. It’s all sunshine and rainbows when Julie gets the crown and wins the lunch spot. But how trustworthy and honorable is Staci and Liz’s team to hold up their losing end of the bargain? If the audience hadn’t been shown the aftermath of the lost wager at the dumpsters, it could be a very real possibility that Julie and company would show up to the fountain spot on the first day of high school to find Staci and Liz munching on sushi or whatever the cool girls in movies eat. They would smirk and say something along the lines of: “You thought that was serious? It was fun, but go to the dumpsters where you belong.” And that would be that.

6. Who let the ginger open her mouth?

Things are looking up! We made it into the dance, we’re going to get the crown, but then we let the ginger open her mouth. The ginger, otherwise known as Farrah (because I doubt her name is mentioned more than once in the movie), has been a silent follower and support to Team Julie: she’s pretty good at makeup, fixed the red dress with a few tears, and found a plug to charge the little green car. Everyone’s usefulness has to peak at some point, right? Then, she finally blabs to Yancey that she was Staci’s replacement to hit the four girl quota. In what world is that okay to say to anyone? It doesn’t even seem like there’s a reconciliation from those events later on in the movie. Will those words loom over Yancey’s mind and friendship with the girls for years to come? Farrah, you were the silent support of the team, stay that way in the future.

7. What's with Julie's speech?

We’re now in the home stretch with a new challenge to get into the dance and take the crown. Only one little problem: how do we get into the dance? Bribery? Threats? Force? Julie decided to settle on a nice insulting speech to get past the ticket taker.

“I know who you are.”

“You do?”

“You’re out here collecting tickets instead of being inside at the dance. You spend your weekends doing extra-credit algebra, you play way too much Monopoly with your parents, and you’ve never eaten anywhere near the fountain. And in four years, I will be you unless I get into that dance.”

Even the ginger isn't convinced it will work. Julie’s somewhat-shady reading of this girl could be completely off. What’s so wrong about this girl that Julie wouldn’t want to become her? She could be class president, she could have a boyfriend who’s waiting for her half hour ticket shift to end, she could be anything, and yet Julie writes her off as a dweeby senior with no hope for the future. If any teeny bopper tried to roll into my dance with this speech I’d send them back home to their frozen bras and deep fried Twinkies.

8. Julie and Steve

Finally, a semi-disturbing aspect of Sleepover is the age gap between the main romantic coupling of Julie Corky and Steve Phillips. Although their ages aren’t explicitly discussed in the movie, we know Julie is an incoming freshman while Steve is an outgoing senior. That puts their ages around 14 and 18. While four years is not a huge deal in your 20s and beyond, it’s a rather large gap in high school land. There’s no doubt that a love can be kindled between a freshman and a senior, but there is something off about the way Steve surveyed Julie in the yearbook. While staring at an innocent school head shot (that looks like it’s from Alexa Vega’s Spy Kids years), he utters the phrase: “She grew up nice.” Steve may be thinking of the skateboarding girl in the red dress at the time, but the back to back shots and “She grew up nice” sentence gives it a creepy vibe. Let’s also be real here, Steve is leaving for college soon. We’d all like to believe the love between the girl with the lopsided crown and the high school prince will last. But, is he really going to hang onto his high school jailbait when half of the female freshman population at whatever state school he’s going to is barking up his tree?

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