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    16 Times The Smedium Life Was Perfectly Captured

    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to eat well and be healthy, you just end up being a biiiiig person in a liiiiitle space. That, my friend, is the smedium life. Welcome; please limit yourself to just one donut.

    1. You Put On UnderArmour And You Look Like This

    2. Or This Is Your Life

    3. Your Internet History Includes Searches Like This

    4. Bending Over Is Difficult And Harms Other's Eyes

    5. When You Hang Out With Your Friends, You Feel (And Look) Like Chris Kirkpatrick From *N'Sync

    6. You Can Feel Children Judging You

    7. This Is Your Version Of a Healthy Snack

    8. This Is Your Version Of A Multivitamin (And Some Days You Eat More Than One To Be 'Extra Healthy')

    9. You Not Only Find And Read Stories Like This, You Cry While You Read Them


    'After a Deal, British Chocolates Won't Cross the Pond' read here.

    10. You Sometimes Can't Fall Sleep Because You're Counting Down The Hours Until Breakfast When You Can (Acceptably) Eat Again

    11. And Then Again During The Day Until Snack Time, Lunch, Snack Time Again, Dinner, Dessert...

    12. To Be Healthy You Eat Salad But You Look Like This While You're Eating

    13. You Go Running And You Feel Awesome...But Then You're The Guy Who Falls Over

    14. And After Working Out You Should Obviously Be Able To Fit Into Your Skinnies... But You Look Like This

    15. You're So Traumatized By The Events Of The Day That You Become This Person

    16. You Then Have To Lie To Myfitnesspal And The Cycle Of Smedium Starts Again

    Please add your own smedium moments!