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    20 Songs About Superheroes

    Superheroes make great popular fodder for lyrics it seems. Here are 20 songs about superheroes that range for those made specifically for movies to those artists who love love their comic book characters and really need to express it.

    • 1. Turtle Crazy

    • 2. Our Lady Peace - Superman's dead

    • 3. That's Really Super, Supergirl-XTC

    • 4. Spiderman '79 Live-Veruca Salt

    • 5. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker-The Ramones

    • 6. Plastic Man-The Kinks

    • 7. Men In Black-Will Smith

    • 8. Green Lantern-Blue Harvest

    • 9. Ego The Living Planet - Monster Magnet

    • 10. A Little Prayer (Wolverine's Theme)

    • 11. Captain America We Love You-Jimmy Buffet

    • 12. Kiss From A Rose-Seal

    • 13. I'm no Superman - Lazlo Bane

    • 14. Spiderman-The Ramones

    • 15. Sugar Sugar-The Archies

    • 16. Scott Pilgrim-Plumtree

    • 17. Crash Test Dummies-Superman's Song

    • 18. Batdance-Prince

    • 19. In The Garage-Wheezer

    • 20. XTC -Sgt Rock

    • 21. Iron Man - Black Sabbath

      Yes, I know, not about the Iron Man from the comic books, but it has become associated with Iron Man anyway.

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