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15 Reasons Why Money Isn't Everything

Let's not lie to ourselves. Money is great. But it's not everything. Money has nothing to do with the first time you saw snow or the first time you remember holding you child. For more of the moments that make everything, everything, tune in to Rules of Engagement Weeknights 12AM ET and Wednesdays 8-10PM ET on WGN America.

1. Because otters holding hands while they sleep so they don't lose each other is EVERYTHING.

2. Because the feeling you get when you have a crush on someone is EVERYTHING.

3. Because the bond between us and the ones who raised us is EVERYTHING.

4. Because a baby seeing bubbles for the first time is EVERYTHING.

5. Because a once deaf mom hearing her son's voice for the first time is EVERYTHING.

6. Because reuniting with someone you thought you've lost is EVERYTHING.

7. Because the love between a sloth and his pet cat is EVERYTHING.

8. Because watching one sports fan return a game ball to an upset fan is EVERYTHING.

9. Because sharing is EVERYTHING.

10. Because a child's unconditional love is EVERYTHING.

11. Because a basketball coach making a half-court shot to win tuition for his student is EVERYTHING.

12. Because good always overcoming bad is EVERYTHING.

13. Because riding a bike for the first time is EVERYTHING.

14. Because single-handedly starting a dance party just by being you is EVERYTHING.

15. Because sharing sweet sweet victory is EVERYTHING.

But for those times when money is important, here are 10 money rules to live by:

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