The 12 Worst Places To Get In A Fight With Your Significant Other

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1. On a transatlantic flight.

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No escape. No place to cool down. And oh yeah, now 50 other people know your business.

2. In the middle of a conference call.

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“I thought you prepared the annual reports.”
“No, you were supposed to do it.”

3. When you’re out on the town.

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“I wish I could go back in time and un-buy you that drink.”

4. During Valentine’s Day dinner.

chrisfarrugia / Getty Images

Check. Please.

5. In the bedroom.

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Things are real hot and heavy all right…

6. On your first date.

“How are we fighting right now – I don’t even know you!”

7. When you’re on vacation.

Smari / Getty Images

“I’d love to enjoy this waterfall if you’d just shut up for one hot second.”

8. As you welcome your first child into the world.

RubberBall Productions / Getty Images

“You’re supposed to be saying ‘puh’ you moron, not ‘put.’ You didn’t read the books, did you.”

9. As you’re being arrested.

“No, you were supposed to unlock the vault!”

10. At a funeral.

As if the day weren’t bad enough already…

11. During the proposal.

“I’m overjoyed and everything, but this is not the ring we picked out together.”

12. And lastly, after the zombie apocalypse.

The Power of Forever Photography / Getty Images

“You are undead to me.”

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