14 Signs You’re Addicted To Relationship Drama

Drama, drama, drama. Now you can enjoy it in your relationship and everyone else’s. Check out JWoww & Roger, Gretchen & Slade, as they face a whole new reality on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Don’t miss these 10 super-sized egos during the premiere on Friday May 30th at 9|8c on WE tv.

1. You say “We’ll go wherever you want to go,” then get totally outraged over the spot they choose for dinner.

2. Sometimes you’ll post a #tbt of you and your ex.

kirksays / Via instagram.com

#tbt #meandmyex #lookhowcutewewere #bestcoupleever

3. You go through their entire email inbox once a week just to see if you can find anything incriminating.

W. Herring

4. Your stock response to “I love you”:

5. You cook dinner for them, but include food they’re allergic to.

Dan Zen / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: danzen

“Nuts? What nuts?”

6. You go to parties with your S.O. and flirt with everyone but him/her.

7. You try to pick fights so often, they don’t even react anymore.

8. You leave your phone out so they see that people of the opposite gender are texting you.

A. Nyst

9. You post passive-aggressive Facebook statuses while you’re still fighting.

A. Nyst

10. You’ve gotten so good at the throwing-your-drink move that your partner leaves the room the second you start pouring.

11. You don’t respond to their texts or calls for 48 hours, then you act as if that’s not unusual and they’re “smothering you.”

12. You say “Maybe we should just break up” at least once a day.

Satisha Krishnamurthy / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: unlistedsightings

13. You constantly compare them to your exes.

14. You subtweet them all the time.

kinda love you, kinda hate you

— (@trvpicaI)

And most of your fights end with a trip to the ER.

weTV / Via youtube.com

Join Tanisha and Clive as they struggle to save their marriage alongside four other couples on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premiering Friday, May 30 at 9/8c on WE tv.

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