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11 Signs Your Relationship Needs Serious Help

Is your relationship no longer pretty flowers and puppy dogs? Don't let it get you down — maybe you just need some outside help! Check out five couples working to rebuild their relationships on Marriage Boot Camp, Friday March 7th at 9/8c on WE tv.

1. You start taking relationship advice from fortune cookies.

2. You both have online dating profiles "as a joke."

3. The last time you actually celebrated Valentine's Day together, you were still too young to drink champagne.

4. You have to look up their phone number because you never bothered to memorize it.

5. You pee with the door open.

6. You have separate bedrooms because you just like "having space."

7. A "romantic" night for you is alone with Netflix.

8. You now wear your "me time" sweatpants in front of them with no remorse at all.

9. You get a sick sense of satisfaction when they have a bad day.

10. You talk about your "work spouse" more than your actual spouse.

11. And, most unfortunate, you're more intimate with your cat than you are with your significant other.