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10 Couples Counseling Exercises That Don't Always Work

Relationships take work, and sometimes couples counselors recommend "at home" exercises that lead to more problems instead of reconciliation. Watch 5 former bridezillas work to rebuild their relationships on Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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2. Or talking to an empty chair

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Arguments often result in hurt feelings that turn into resentment. A way of expressing yourself freely is by talking to an empty chair. This is a good idea until you realize, you're the crazy person talking to an inanimate object.

6. Not talking at all

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The silent treatment was a great idea when you were a kid. Your parents always gave in at some point. Trying it on your significant other? Not such a great idea. Nothing will ever get resolved. Silence is not always golden.

9. Trying to learn from relationships you respect, like the one your grandparents have

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Of course there are things we can learn from successful partnerships — Never draw direct comparisons between your relationship and anyone else’s. You’ll realize that your grandparents (or whoever) are far better people and you are more ungrateful and flawed than you thought.

10. Listening to your single friends talk about how "great" it is to be single

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Counselors will tell couples to hang out with single people so they'll remember how awful it is to be single. But being single is pretty rad. You get to use the bathroom with the door open.