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14 Almost Correct Spellings Of "Channing Tatum"

Some celebrity names are just hard to spell.

Nicky Wetherell • 4 years ago

9 Signs You Might Be Dating A Kodiak Bear

Let's face it: dating isn't easy. Love doesn't always hit you like a speeding bullet train. No, sometimes love can creep up on you, slowly tracking your scent through an alpine forest, like a predator stalking a wounded mountain goat. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, "Am I in the wrong relationship?" or "Am I compromising myself by being with this person?" If the person in question is a Kodiak bear, then YES, you are in the wrong relationship, and YES, you are compromising yourself by dating a bear. Here's a list of telltale signs you might be dating a bear.

Nicky Wetherell • 4 years ago

Our Dog Lost An Eye To Glaucoma So We Took Her To A Portrait Studio

Our dog, Sammy, recently lost one of her eyes to glaucoma.

Nicky Wetherell • 4 years ago