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    Your Mountaineer To-Do List

    Hey, #WVU23! Welcome to the Mountaineer family. Whether you were admitted 6 months ago or just yesterday, we know you’re eagerly counting down until move-in day. Don’t worry, we are just as excited to welcome you home. In the meantime, here are a few things to do before your first day as a Mountaineer or to add to your WVU bucket list.

    Attend a Sporting Event

    Meet the Mountaineer Mascot

    Ride the PRT

    Take Photos

    Get a Flying WV Flag- Take It Everywhere

    Get a Selfie with President Gee

    Join School's App

    Follow Us On Spotify

    Climb Cooper's Rock

    See a Show

    Go Ziplining

    Explore the Stars

    Learn the Lyrics to "Country Roads"