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    So, You're Thinking About Transferring To WVU?

    Meet Sam, our Transfer Ambassador in the WVU Office of Admissions. She's laid out all of the necessary steps it takes to transfer to WVU.

    Hey future Mountaineers! My name’s Sam and I’m here to walk you through the transferring process here at WVU.

    West Virginia University / Via West Virginia University

    I’ve been in your shoes, and I know it can be a little intimidating… but, I promise it is SO worth it. I transferred to West Virginia University from West Liberty University at the beginning of my sophomore year. My old school was a tiny college in my hometown with only about 2,000 students. I wanted to leave home and experience a large university with tons of school spirit. I am currently a Junior at the John Chambers College of Business and Economics

    Studying Management. At WVU, I work in the Admissions office as one of the Transfer Ambassadors. I love my job because I get to work with transfer students every day, making their transition to Morgantown as easy, comfortable, and fun as possible!

    Step 1: Make sure you’re actually a transfer student! / Via

    At WVU, you are considered a transfer student if you completed any post-secondary work (after high school) at any accredited college or institution. To join the Mountaineer family, you must have at least a 2.0 GPA in all of your post-high school coursework! If you have earned less than 24 credit hours, you must also meet the freshman requirements. Know what you want to major in? Be sure to check out our major-specific requirements too!

    Step 2: Apply! / Via

    Ready to go for it? Fill out our application. Make sure to indicate that you’re a transfer student when completing your app! Apply by August 1 for Fall admission and December 31 for Spring admission.

    Step 3: Transcript Time! / Via

    Send your transcripts to us! Your school can send us official electronic transcripts to or snail-mail it to us:

    Office of Admissions

    West Virginia University

    P.O. Box 6009

    Morgantown, WV 26506-6009

    If you’re transferring with fewer than 24 credits, make sure we receive your high school transcripts (marked with “FOR TRANSFER ADMISSION”) and ACT/SAT scores, too!

    Step 4: You’re in!

    West Virginia University / Via

    Congratulations, Mountaineer! Welcome to the fam. Claim your account, pay your deposit, and start getting excited for the best years of your life.

    Step 5: Check out your progress on DegreeWorks. / Via

    Once you’ve been admitted, the Office of Admissions will evaluate your previous credits and assign them to credits available here at WVU. You can view all of this on DegreeWorks through your WVU Portal. One of your classes didn’t transfer? Submit a “ticket” to have them reevaluated. You can also email or your academic advisor with any specific course articulation questions with any questions.

    Step 6: Choose your housing.

    West Virginia Unversity / Via

    Transferring with 29 credits or less? Check out our dorms here. More than 29 credit hours? You can live off-campus! Make sure to do your research to find the best option for you. We offer apartment-style living.

    Step 7: Make your schedule. / Via

    Contact your advisor. Our advisors are here to help make your academic life at WVU as smooth as possible. Your advisor will walk you through the class registration process and help you create a class schedule that fits your goals and lifestyle.

    Step 8: $$$$$ / Via

    Wondering how you’re going to afford your new school? Luckily, WVU offers scholarships for transfer students. Even better, you don’t have to do anything extra. When you apply, you’re automatically considered for the scholarships listed here. Also, don’t forget to update your FAFSA with the exciting news. Our code is 003827.

    Step 9: Attend Transfer NSO!

    West Virginia University / Via

    Transfer New Student Orientation is a day made specifically for transfer students to get comfortable and excited to start their WVU journey. Get free food, attend information fairs, get all your remaining questions answered, and mingle with other transfer students (Fun Fact: I met my three best friends here!). While at NSO, you may even get to meet our president, E. Gordon Gee.

    Step 10: Begin the Journey…

    West Virginia University / Via

    It’s official! You’re a Mountaineer. Get ready for the best years of your life, filled with… football games, school spirit, best friends, challenging classes, delicious food (check out my Morgantown faves… Tailpipes, Oliverio’s, and Iron Horse!), unique clubs, and everyyyyything gold and blue. Better start learning the words to “Country Roads!!”

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