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    Advice For New Mountaineers

    We asked students what advice they have for new Mountaineers, and they gave some solid words of Mountaineer wisdom.

    How to make friends: / Via

    "Don't stay in your dorm all the time. Go make friends!"

    "Find a group or organization to join! Make friends that will help you along this journey!"

    "Go to the events your dorm puts on! It's a great way to make friends."

    “Keep your dorm room door open when you’re there. It’s a great way to meet new people!”

    “Don’t be shy! You’re going to meet so many great people.”

    “Talk to everyone. You never know when you’ll meet your best friend.”

    “Don’t be afraid to sit next to someone you don’t know and get to know them.”

    Studying 101: / Via

    “Find study groups and use them.”

    “You can’t get by with studying the day for an exam like in high school.”

    “The library is your best friend.”

    Going to class: / Via

    “Please … just go to class.”

    Meeting your professors: / Via

    “Go to your professor’s office hours for help and to get to know them.”

    “Talk to your professors! They will help you and can give you valuable advice.”

    “Introduce yourself to your professors.”

    “Two words. Office. Hours.”

    Read the syllabus: / Via

    “Read and KEEP your syllabus. Everything is on there.”

    “Syllabus week is the week you lay down the foundation for a strong semester…start strong.”

    How to get around campus: / Via

    “Take the Brooks Hall elevator. It’ll save your legs.”

    “Learn the bus schedule.”

    “Leave early if you have to ride the PRT!”

    “Work on your cardio. Stairs are everywhere.”

    Speaking of cardio… / Via

    “Utilize the Outdoor Rec Center. Rentals are so cheap and getting outside relieves stress.”

    Taking care of yourself: / Via

    “Don’t neglect your mental health!”

    “Make sure to breathe and stay calm. Pace yourself, don’t rush.”

    Learning time management: / Via

    “Manage your time wisely! It’s a lot of work, but if you manage your time correctly you can do it.”

    “An agenda/planner will save your life.”

    Breaking out of your comfort zone: / Via

    “Get involved and break your comfort zone. It was the best advice I ever got.”

    "Don't be afraid to try new things. That's how I met all of my new friends!"

    Don’t miss out on opportunities: / Via

    “Always be early and go out for all the opportunities that you can.”

    “Say yes to new opportunities that come your way!”

    Don’t be afraid: / Via

    “Don’t be afraid of going out of your comfort zone.”

    “Don’t be afraid to speak up in class. Get involved in the conversation.”

    “Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling.”

    “Be open minded and don’t be afraid to find a new path. Switching your major is okay.”

    Taking advantage of the amenities: / Via

    “Utilize Career Services for your resume/internship/job search.”

    “Take advantage of the library study rooms.”

    Dressing accordingly: / Via

    “Always be prepared for rain.”

    “Be prepared to face all four seasons of the year in one week.”

    “Dress in layers.”

    Always remember: / Via

    “Use your meal swipes! You won’t have them forever and you’ll miss them more than your family.”

    “Attend sporting events.”

    “Create a support network of friends and family you can turn to when you are stressed.”

    “Study hard but have FUN! Walk around campus, embrace every experience.”

    And don’t forget: / Via

    “It’s okay to not get straight A’s.”

    “Go your own pace, find your niche, and never miss a home football game.”

    “You are not alone.”

    “That you chose the right place and you will never want to leave.”

    “Don’t compare yourself to others! Everyone learns at their own pace.”

    “You’re gonna love WVU.” 💛💙

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