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5 Things You Must Do In The Summer At WVU

And if you're not at WVU this summer, please hurry home.

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5. Go to New Student Orientation.

@summerskidmore / Via

What better way to kick off your journey as a Mountaineer?

4. Watch some baseball at a Black Bears game.

Spending the evening at the ballpark with my buddy Cooper for @WestVirginiaU night at the Black Bears game!

@WVUMascot / Via Twitter: @WVUMascot

Featuring our two favorite mascots.

3. Spend a day at the lake.

@souperstar40 / Via

Whether you're at Cheat Lake or around WV, the views are amazing.

2. Take pictures of your travels with the Flying WV. / Via

Remember to pack some gold and blue when you leave Morgantown.

1. After finishing up a day of summer classes or working at a summer internship, relax!

@rach_heck / Via

And tell the rest of our friends to come back home soon!

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