Stuff VCs Say

    How bad could it be?

    Venture Capitalists post some pretty crazy thoughts on Twitter.

    Remember when Marc Andreessen tried to defend colonialism on economic grounds?

    Or when Jason Calacanis went on a rant about how there is no race wall in tech?

    @samfbiddle If you want to break into tech journalism you only need to blog every day for three years. there isn't a race wall in tech.


    But, as outrageous as these tweets can be, much of what silicon valley VCs say is received with little criticism. And even when a cringe-worthy tweet is challenged, the underlying assumptions often aren't.

    .@paulg @sama Paul, I agree with you. But calling everyone who isn't a billionaire "losers" doesn't look good.

    Enter Shit VCs Say

    A quiz game that takes a critical look at some of the weirder propaganda coming out of Silicon Valley.

    This game is an experiment. The goal is to spark conversation about Silicon Valley VC culture.

    It poses questions like:

    Then points out the absurdity of the situation:

    Check it out in the app store, and follow @shit_vcs_say on twitter.