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10 Times People Went Above And Beyond To Show They Care

These people prove there will always be good in the world. Like WestJet they've gone above and beyond to show they care.

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1. When a man taught his girlfriend how to read again after she lost her memory.


Someone snapped a picture of an older man going over the alphabet with his girlfriend who had recently suffered a stroke and had lost her memory. He spends his afternoons helping her relearn how to read.

2. When a plea for birthday cards for a 104-year-old woman went viral.

Liverpool FC via Getty Images John Powell

After Betty Musker told her granddaughter that she just wanted a "nice card" for her 104th birthday, her family made a Facebook page for her request. The page went viral, and Betty received nearly 5,700 cards wishing her a happy birthday.

3. When this man surprised his mom by "swimming" across the ocean to make it to his sister's wedding.


Australian-based Stephen Nolan tricked his mom by making a video saying he wished he could make his sister's wedding before running into the ocean. His mother watched the video on a beach in faraway Ireland right as her son swam up to the shore for the best surprise ever.

4. When a little girl shaved her head for charity after her sister's cancer went into remission.


A 7-year-old girl named Hannah decided to shave her head and donate her hair to the charity Wigs For Kids. Her little sister, Natalie, had been diagnosed with leukemia two years prior, inspiring Hannah to be brave and fight cancer with her.

5. When a tough cop adopted two boys in need.

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This September, a 45-year-old bachelor, Detective Jack Mook, adopted a 15-year-old boy and an 11-year-old boy who grew up in a terrible foster care system. Not being able to stand the awful conditions the boys were in, Detective Mook decided to become their permanent father.

6. When this young woman, who is allergic to the world, decided to better it anyway.


Brynn Duncan is a 20-year-old who is essentially allergic to the world, with several extremely rare conditions. Instead of living in isolation, Brynn is remaining positive and speaking out to raise awareness.

7. When a man donated $21,495 he saved in spare change to an animal shelter.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Junyang134

Rick Snyder spent about 10 years collecting spare change and turning recyclables into cash. Through this, he saved up $21,495 and donated all of it to an animal shelter in Florida.

8. When this truck driver stopped in traffic to rescue a tiny kitten.


9. When a man found an heirloom wallet and mailed it to its owner.

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Sometime during a hospital visit in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Tom Cook lost an heirloom wallet his grandfather had given him before passing away. Tom filed a police report and called the hospital three times a day every day before receiving the wallet in the mail, returned to him anonymously with a sweet note.

When a teacher asked students to write letters to their future selves, then mailed the letters to the students 20 years later.

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