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These Engaged Couples Raised A Robot Baby And Did The Best Job

"How do moms do this?"

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BuzzFeedVideo enlisted two engaged couples to take care of a robot baby for a night. Let's just say, some moments were better than others, but both couples did an amazing job!

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What's a baby without a name, right? Patrick and Paolo decided to name their baby girl Kesha!

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While, Caroline and Roni opted to name their beautiful robotic baby boy Tristan.

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Roni is already adapting well!

With the names out of the way, the couples had to really get into the nitty gritty of raising their robotic baby for a night. Caroline's motherly instincts kicked in RIGHT AWAY.

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However, both couples struggled a bit upon first bring their new bundles of joy home.

But the couples naturally bonded over their new prized possessions and helped each other out!

And they were very complimentary of each other during this journey.

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Literally crushing on each other all over again!

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Even still, they realized this was no easy task and gave moms mad props.

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In the end, the couples did an amazing job. Caroline and Roni got a score of 86%, while Paolo and Patrick nailed it with a perfect score of 100%!

One things for sure, Caroline's trust and love for Roni is clearly evident. This totally made her feel at ease...

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And Paolo echoed the same sentiment!

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