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12 Signs You’re Almost A Real Grown-Up

Haven't you eaten enough Pizza Rolls?? West Elm can help you become the best almost-adult in all the land.

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1. You always pay your rent on time... almost...

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...for the most part. Right?

2. You've never fully unpacked from your last move.

But it's OK. Third move's the charm.
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But it's OK. Third move's the charm.

3. You can cook anything, as long as it's in the microwave.

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No shame in your game when you got killer recipes!

4. You definitely don't understand how taxes work.

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Like, not even a little.

5. Your parents still pay your phone bill.

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"Luh u, mom."

6. You're fully aware of the importance of your credit score, but you're not quite sure what it means.


HOLLAAA for minimum payments, y'all!

7. You're still totally down to go out four nights in a row like it's senior year.



8. You're good at creating a budget, but who says you have to follow it? amirite?

9. On the weekends, you refuse to wake up before 10 a.m.


Because the only thing you turn down for is sleeping in.

10. You immediately call your parents at the first sign of illness.

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No matter how old you are, nothing is as soothing as Mom's chicken noodle soup!

11. You spend at least 50% of your time at work playing phone games.


Can we get a "what what" for Doge 2048??

12. The only thing you're able to take care of is a plant... and who knows how long that will last tbh.

Cynthia Closkey / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: cynthiacloskey

Womp womp. Try a succulent or a cactus next time! Those biddies live forever!

And you still love to play with your food.

But who doesn't? Get this crazy-cute, kinda meta hot dog plate here.

But who doesn't? Get this crazy-cute, kinda meta hot dog plate here.

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