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Oct 2013
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    weslea196 commented on 19 People Tell Us The Hilarious Things They Learned Super Late, And No Judgment. OK, A Little.

    Until I was about 10 I thought every state had their own brand of cars. Everyone in my house drove a Chevrolet. So I figured that was the “state car”. Then Texas had Honda or California had Ford.. you get it.

    1 year ago

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    weslea196 commented on What's The Kindest Thing Your Significant Other Has Ever Done For You?

    My hubs and I moved as far away from my friends and family I had spent my entire life with and my 30th b-day coming up. I was feeling really bummed about missing my family and friends for several weeks before my big day. So my hubs called my momma up and arranged for her and some… 

    3 years ago

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    weslea196 commented on 19 Times People Randomly Ran Into Celebrities On Planes

    I landed at home in Houston about 5 years ago with my 2 yr old daughter and stopped to make a phone call. As we were finding our way to baggage claim my daughter looks and said "mom, why is that tall man wearing a Pink Sparkle shirt and silver pants?", as loud as she can! I looked… 

    4 years ago

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