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11 Family Members Cooler Than Yours

Face it, not all relatives are winners… but you can always say you're related to the people in these GIFs! Take a lesson in lying from We're the Millers, on Blu-ray or Digital HD.

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1. This mom, the whistleblower


She's the only person unafraid of Anonymous.

2. This dad, the swinger


There's nothing he likes more than to take his special lady for a ride.

3. This brother, the emperor of baseball


He proves there's no "I" in team, just a royal "we."

4. This sister (and this cat), the twerkers


They came in like a wrecking ball.

5. This grandfather, the bare-knuckle brawler


Shout-out to the guy who nonchalantly catches his shirt.

6. This grandmother, the wrestler


Just TRY and disqualify her for wielding a foreign object.

7. This uncle, the hairstylist


His technique sucks... in the best possible way.

8. This aunt, the photobomber


She stands up for her right to photobomb.

9. This cousin, the acrobat


Because the only way to tempt death is in a pair of sweatpants.

10. This nephew, the headbanger


Less than two years old, and he already rocks harder than you.

11. This dog, the pro skater


Sit? Stay? Try doing a body varial.

See? Isn't that cooler than your family?

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