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    • wep

      One minor little point: there is absolutely zero chance the NRA would ever be involved with ANYTHING that had ANYTHING to do with confiscating anyone’s guns. The NRA does not have an Inquisition-like medical system to remove the right to bear arms of law-abiding citizens - ESPECIALLY VETERANS. The NRA doesn’t have an entire judicial system that can AND DOES run roughshod over the people who are SUPPOSED to be THEIR MASTERS. The NRA doesn’t have a host of GESTAPO-like police organizations bent on finding new ways of oppressing the citizens based upon their beleifs / voting record. The NRA DOESN’T have paramilitary SWAT teams that go around doing midnight raids, breaking down their doors, shooting people’s dogs, seizing their children and placing them in State custody, beating or otherwise roughing up startled and undressed residents torn from their beds, and the NRA doesn’t shoot veterans with 20 plus bullets because they grabbed a gun they never took the safety off to stop what they thought was a burglar and then leave them for over an hour to bleed out on the floor while holding EMT’s at bay so they could “secure the residence”. No, the NRA does NOT act in a manner like the Nazi’s, the KGB, the STASI, or a host of other tyrants ALL OF WHOM DISARMED THEIR CIVILIANS BEFORE TORTURING AND SLAUGHTERING THEM BY THE MILLIONS. So am I worried if the NRA has me on some list for a tool I bought at some point? Nope … and I’m not an NRA member, either.

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