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The Guide To Being A Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers do a lot more than just tell inspiring stories — they encourage and convince people to get excited about their lives, too! But before you decide you want to break into the field, learn how the pros work their magic and check out the Wendy's Motivational Chicken to observe a master in action.

1. Point

2. Fist Pump

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Speakers raise the energy in the room by fist pumping! It's an easy way to convince people that they're cool, and reveals that even motivational speakers enjoy spending a Sunday watching a Jersey Shore marathon and eating Pringles.

3. Have An Amazing Head Shot

4. Roll Up The Sleeves

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Most speakers like to roll up their sleeves. It reinforces the idea that they're in the trenches with the audience... (even though they're not, because they went and became motivational speakers.)

5. Have A Loudspeaker

6. Have An American Flag

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Speakers love to have American flags as their backdrops. It gets the people thinking of how they're not maximizing their potential or living their own "American Dream," and then they are more willing to do what the speaker recommends.

7. Gesticulate

8. Pose For Pictures

9. Have A Dramatic Set And Great Lighting